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Why Choose Professionals for Drain Repair

Regarding drain cleaning and repairs, it's best to rely on licensed plumbers like our crew at Blue Dot for issues you can't handle yourself with a plunger. Before you reach for that bottle of chemical drain cleaner from the hardware store to try to dislodge a stubborn clog, consider this. Those products contain harmful chemicals that are not only bad for the environment but can also cause issues for your plumbing pipes and lead to premature failure. Our team of professionals uses the proper drain cleaning and snake tools to clean out clogs safely. If you have a leak or failed drain, we'll replace damaged or worn parts with reliable products from trusted plumbing manufacturers. In short, we do it right.

The Importance of Drain Cleaning

Since water washes down every drain in your home, it’s logical to think it washes just about anything away with it. However, if you’ve ever pulled up a stopper in the bathroom sink, you’ve seen firsthand the amount of hair, soap scum, and other gunk that can get caught in your drains. And it’s not pretty. Periodic interior sewer drain cleaning and maintenance are the best ways to keep your pipes clean, so water can freely pass through. In addition to avoiding clogs, you'll reduce foul odors and the need for emergency plumbing calls.  

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Drain clogs are common because of the amount of food, hair, toothpaste, and soap residue that enters the drain and clings to the sides of the pipes. Some clogs are simple and can be cleared just by removing the stopper. Others might require a plunger. The really ugly ones will often require the work of our licensed drain specialists. We'll pinpoint the issues, use the proper drain tools to fix the problem, and leave you with clean drains. Contact out trusted team to schedule drain cleaning and repair services.  

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