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Are you dealing with a wet basement in Maryland? Blue Dot serves homeowners with trusted sump pump installation and repair services. These appliances are one of the most reliable and easy-to-install items to help homeowners keep their basements dry, but only when licensed professionals like the team at Blue Dot do the work. Do you need us to redo someone's shoddy installation work or have a sump pump that's not quite doing its job? Give us a call for help today.

Common Sump Pump Problems and Repairs

Many homeowners face the same types of problems with sump pumps. We are experienced in diagnosing these problems and more while offering a cost-effective solution to restore your pump to working order. Common issues include:

  • The wrong size pump – A pump that is too big or too small will lead to failure.
  • Improper installation – It could be in the wrong spot or not deep enough.
  • Blocked lines – Water will back up if the discharge line is blocked.
  • Stuck switches – A problem with the float switch might mean the pump won’t turn on or off.
  • Power loss – Ensure you have a backup battery in case you lose power.

Your Source for Sump Pump Repair and Installation

When the work is done right, a sump pump is an excellent option to redirect water and keep it out of your property before it can infiltrate your home’s basement or crawlspace. Sump pumps must be installed in the lowest part of the basement, to a proper depth in the ground, and need to be the right size to handle the expectations. There is always the possibility for torrential rain beyond typical downpours that can overpower a sump pump. Still, your basement should be well protected with proper planning and our licensed work.

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For nearly 50 years, Blue Dot has been the company homeowners in Maryland trust for sump pump repair and installation and other plumbing services. Is your basement taking in water? Contact our technicians for sump pump help.

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