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Blue Dot of Maryland keeps you comfortable in the winter, in more ways than one. Whether you need heating repair, maintenance, or new installation, Blue Dot is ready to provide you with exceptional service. And as always, estimates are always complimentary for your new heating and cooling system installation! Your calls are answered by an empathetic, knowledgeable human on the other end, rather than an answering service. In addition, we provide Emergency Service, with staff members on call during and after business hours to better serve your heating & furnace servicing and repair needs in Baltimore, Forest Hill, MD, and surrounding areas.

You can also call 410-204-2662 for immediate and emergency service!


Residential Heating Services Include

  • Heating Repair: Need heating repair in Baltimore, Columbia, Annapolis, or Bel Air, MD? Blue Dot of Maryland is proficient in providing superior heating repair service. Schedule a heating service call today. For emergencies, call us at 410-204-2662.
  • Heating Installation: When you need a heating system, we sell and install heating and furnace systems from leading manufacturers. We stand behind our work with great parts and labor warranties.
  • Maintenance: A properly maintained air conditioning system can actually lower your heating bills by as much as 35%. Get our AC System Check to make sure your unit is performing as efficiently as it can be, or consider a Preventive Maintenance Plan to keep you covered all year long.

Quality Heating System Services

You will appreciate the fact that our technicians and service team are polite and will go above and beyond the call of duty. For example, if a customer also needs a light bulb changed, our Blue Dot service team has been known to do that.

Blue Dot provides all of our customers with quality home heating services, such as our seasonal 24-point furnace, heat pump, or air conditioner inspection. We pride ourselves on responsiveness and close attention to each customer’s needs. When the temperature drops, our concern for you rises. We deliver industry-leading systems and services, with Professional Comfort Consultants, to prevent you from getting caught in the cold.

The Importance of a Working Heating System in Maryland

If you live in Maryland, you already know that the climate tends to be relatively mild most of the time. However, this doesn’t mean you won’t experience some freezing temperatures on occasion. For instance, the coldest recorded temperature in the state’s history was minus 40 degrees Fahrenheit. It happened on January 13, 1912, in Oakland and was noted by a reader at the U.S. Weather Bureau named Ralph E. Weber. That same day, Baltimore marked a temperature of 0, and that was only the beginning of a series of cold snaps that froze the region.

The lowest temperature recorded in Baltimore was minus 7 F, on January 22, 1984. Unfortunately, January tends to be the city’s coldest month, with the average overnight temperature at 23.5 F. This is why being able to count on your home’s heating system is critical. Not only does a properly functioning furnace or heat pump keep you and your family comfortable through the winter, but also it helps ensure your systems run as efficiently as possible to save you money on your utility bills.

Regular maintenance from trained professionals is important because it keeps your equipment running smoothly and prevents costly breakdowns. When you have the expertise of our technicians working for you, we can catch small furnace problems before they can develop into anything worse. We recommend having your heating system checked out at least once a year to ensure optimum performance.

If you take the time to have your heating system checked out now, you can be confident that you and your family will be able to stay warm even when the mercury falls below the freezing point. It’s always better to be safe than sorry, which is why it pays to give us a call now to ensure your furnace is in good working order before winter.

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