Sewer Repair And Replacement

Blue Dot Provides Expert Sewer Line Service

At Blue Dot, we appreciate how much you need a sewer line in good working condition. We offer expert sewer repair and replacement for homeowners in Baltimore. As a sewer replacement contractor, we have decades of experience in installing, replacing, maintaining and inspecting sewer lines.

Sewer Inspections

Sewer line problems can cause a variety of issues for your home, ranging from foul odors to leaks and sewer backflow. If you do not know the condition of your sewer line, we can provide a professional sewer line inspection. Our service involves the use of technology to inspect your line from the inside, looking for cracks and other signs of damage. We recommend annual inspections to identify concerns before they require emergency repairs.

Professional Repair and Replacement

If you have a sewer line problem, our plumbers can find the cause and form a plan to fix it. Throughout the process, we inform you about what we see and what you need to have a functioning sewer line. In some cases, we recommend repairs to your existing line. Sometimes, sewer line replacement is a better long-term investment than simply repairing a damaged line.

High-Quality Service

At every step of the repair or replacement process, you can count on our plumbers to provide the highest quality service. We ensure that our experts maintain knowledge on the latest technology and best practices in sewer line repair. We use quality materials and equipment so we can give you the best return on your investment in your home. Our plumbers keep your unique needs and your long-term satisfaction a high priority. You can rely on us to provide a written estimate before we begin work, and we will answer your questions in detail.

Don’t Wait on Sewer Line Problems

If your sewer line causes problems in your home, you should not wait for it to improve by itself. Even slight changes to your sewer line function can indicate significant problems, especially if you delay repair. Contact Blue Dot for sewer replacement in Baltimore. We are happy to assess your line, figure out the best solution and talk you through your options.

Common Sewer Line Concerns

When you flush a toilet or watch water go down the sink, you see your sewer line in action. Sewer lines provide a vital function for your property, by transporting wastewater to the municipal sewer. Of course, your system does not always work as it should. Here are a few common problems you may notice in your residential plumbing:

  • Noisy drains or toilets
  • Musty smells or mold growing around your drains
  • Water flowing back into your sinks or toilets
  • Slow drains or toilet flushing
  • Bad smells coming from your drains
  • Raw sewage odors outside your home
  • Green grass or soggy spots in your yard

If you spot any of these problems, you should call our sewer repair company for assistance as soon as possible. Our plumbers can identify the source of the problem and work with you to minimize the extent of the damage. Our plumbers provide sewer repair for parts of the line that have minor issues, such as a crack or leak. By comparison, you may need sewer replacement to upgrade your sewer line or repair significant damage.

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When you look for sewer line repair companies, Blue Dot stands apart from the rest. With more than 50 years of experience serving homeowners in Maryland, we understand the importance of a functional sewer line. Our plumbers provide excellent service, whether you need routine maintenance or a complete replacement of your sewer line. We are happy to help you address your sewer line problems, so that you don’t have to. For the sewer repair Baltimore homeowners prefer, contact us today!  

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does sewer repair or replacement take?

The time you need for sewer repair or replacement depends on a few factors, such as the length of the line and the damage. When our plumbers provide an estimate, we can also estimate the time for repairs.

Can I DIY sewer line repair?

DIY sewer repair can pose a number of risks for you and your property, so you should plan to call our plumbing experts. Failing to fix the problem could lead to leaks, backflow and other hazards.

How can I prevent sewer line problems?

If you want to minimize sewer line problems, you should focus on maintenance and attending to issues as soon as you notice them. Annual sewer service can confirm that your line works as it should. To reduce blockages, keep grease, excessive kitchen waste and non-flushable items out of your plumbing.

Can you replace part of a sewer line?

We may be able to replace part of your sewer line, depending on the damage and the overall condition of the line. Our plumbers can evaluate your sewer line. Whether we recommend partial or complete replacement, we’re happy to help you make a decision that works best with your budget and your property.

How much does sewer repair or replacement cost?

Sewer repair and replacement costs relate to the size and scope of the job. A full sewer line replacement requires more work than a minor repair, so the costs may vary. When you request sewer repair service, our plumbers will give you a detailed estimate of the total costs.

What distinguishes sewer repair and replacement?

Our plumbers provide sewer repair for parts of the line that have minor issues, such as a crack or leak. By comparison, you may need sewer replacement to upgrade your sewer line or repair significant damage.