What’s That Noise Coming from My A/C System?

July 02, 2024

July can be a noisy month. It’s filled with loud firecrackers, backyard music, excitable children, and even late-night fireworks. But summer noises aren’t just restricted to the outdoors—sometimes we hear them inside, too! If you’ve ever wondered why your cooling system might be clattering, clinking, whistling, or squealing, you’ve come to the right place.

Learn What Your A/C System Is Trying to Tell You

Have you ever told your A/C system to calm down because it’s being too loud (apologies to Taylor Swift)? If so, you aren’t alone. Many homeowners experience strange sounds from their cooling systems on occasion. But it’s knowing what these noises mean and how to handle them that matters most.

Here are some common sounds your A/C might make this summer and what they could mean.

Click, click, click

It’s normal for a thermostat to make a quiet clicking noise when it turns on and off. However, constant clicking is never a good thing. Repetitive clicking or ticking sounds could mean that your thermostat is malfunctioning and causing the compressor to short cycle (turning on and off constantly and sounding like a click). Repeating clicking could also signal misaligned fan blades or an electrical issue. If you are concerned that something isn’t right, call our team for AC repair!

Squeal, squeal, squeal

Does it sound like there’s a mouse chasing a wheel inside your system? In most cases, high pitch squealing noises are a sign of too much pressure inside the air compressor. High pressure inside your system is quite dangerous. So, if hear squealing and suspect your pressure is too high, turn your A/C off and please call us ASAP for HVAC service.

Rattle, rattle, rattle

The most common reason for a rattling sound is debris in your outdoor unit. Do an inspection of the outdoor unit and look for sticks, debris, or small rocks near the system. If you notice anything stuck around the unit, remove them and see if the rattling stops.

Gurgle, gurgle, gurgle

A bubbling or a gurgling sound is often caused by a refrigerant leak. The sound comes from air getting caught in the refrigerant lines. Give our team a call and we will fix the issue!

Bang, bang, bang

Loud bangs can be very startling. But they can be especially worrisome if they come from inside your cooling system. In many cases, a loud band signals that something is wrong with the compressor. Sometimes this is the result of an A/C system that is starting to fail. The banging means that something inside is loose or coming apart. Whatever the issue, the HVAC service pros at Blue Dot, are always available for AC repair and new air conditioning installation!

We Will Keep You Cool All Summer

We hope our cheat sheet of A/C sounds helps you understand your A/C system a bit more. Remember, Blue Dot is available seven days a week this summer to help you chill out. From air conditioning installation to water heaters and more, we are your go-to Baltimore HVAC and plumbing team!

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Last Updated: July 02, 2024