Why Does My AC Keep Blowing Fuses?

December 17, 2023

We often get calls from customers wondering, “Why does my AC keep blowing fuses?”
Maryland homeowners soon become aware that you need dependable air conditioning to stay cool during the humid, scorching summer; but when your air conditioner starts to blow its fuses, your summer can be unpleasantly hot.

We know how frustrating it can be when your AC is on the fritz. Let’s explore the various conditions that cause air conditioners to continue blowing fuses, and how you can remedy the problem.

To begin, be aware that fuses are safety components. Fuses keep your home’s electrical system from short-circuiting or overloading. A fuse “blows” (melts) during electrical overloads, and this is by design: As it blows, the fuse prevents electricity from flowing, to avoid damaging your home’s power system.

Chief Reasons for AC Systems Blowing Fuses

Air Conditioner Working Too Hard

Blue Dot professionals frequently hear from homeowners asking, why their central air keeps blowing fuses. The reason often centers on the system working too hard. Low refrigerant, blocked ductwork or clogged air filters make equipment work excessively. An overworked AC system runs all the time, making components heat up and take in too much electricity. Then, the fuses blow.

Capacitor Failure

A significant part of your home’s air conditioning, the capacitor starts the fan motor and compressor. A malfunctioning capacitor forces the fan motor or compressor to draw excessive electricity, making fuses blow. Sometimes, a badly performing capacitor makes an AC unit work inefficiently or stop working.

Broken Compressor

Your AC fuse might be tripping because of a faulty compressor. Your air conditioner depends on its compressor to compress the refrigerant so it can circulate through equipment. Fuses blow when the compressor draws excessive power.

Air Conditioner Is Outdated

An older air conditioner will be less efficient than when first installed. It may start taking in more power than it used to, which is a factor in blowing fuses. Today’s electronic gadgets, such as computers and big-screen TVs, use much more power than older homes were designed to support. Higher electricity demand can lead to blown fuses.

Problems With Electrical Wires

Your AC may keep blowing fuses due to problems with your electrical wiring. Your home’s electrical wires can grow damaged or worn out as the years go by. This damage tends to cause overloads and short circuits. If the installers didn’t properly ground the wires, your home may experience electrical imbalances, making fuses blow.

How Can I Stop My AC Equipment From Continuing to Blow Fuses?

  • Schedule an inspection: If your AC system is blowing fuses, the first thing you should do is schedule an inspection with a qualified HVAC technician. An HVAC professional can diagnose the issue and provide a comprehensive repair plan.
  • Clean ductwork: An AC will need to work harder when ductwork is clogged, which causes fuses to blow. Remove debris and get rid of dust in the ductwork for better airflow and to minimize stress on the equipment.
  • Get a new air filter: Air conditioners tend to work too hard because of dirty air filters. Swap out the clogged filter for a new one to see if this stops fuses from blowing due to an overworked AC unit.
  • Put in a new capacitor: A malfunctioning capacitor calls for a repair job by a qualified HVAC technician from Blue Dot to replace it. While capacitors don’t cost much compared to other components, their failures can lead to bigger and much more expensive repair jobs.
  • Boost the refrigerant: Diminished levels of refrigerant can make air conditioners work harder than they should, which causes fuses to blow. Add refrigerant if you determine the system is low.
  • Fix or change the AC’s compressor: A certified, licensed HVAC professional needs to put in a new compressor or fix it if the unit turns out to be broken.
  • Replace the air conditioner with a new model: Older air conditioners built before the dawn of modern, power-hungry appliances may need to be replaced with an upgrade to avoid blown fuses. The cost of a new system is offset when you factor in how much your utility bills will go down thanks to the power efficiencies of newer AC units.

What’s Causing Your Home’s AC Fuses to Blow?

When your home in Maryland continues to have blown fuses due to the air conditioner, you’ll want to hire professionals as soon as possible to diagnose the problem before more damage occurs.

Main causes for blown fuses include older systems, AC units that are overworked, problems with wiring and malfunctioning capacitors. The experts at Blue Dot are skilled at figuring out the reason and will be happy to assist.

Contact Blue Dot Today for Professional Assistance for Your AC System Blowing Fuses

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Each of our knowledgeable and certified technicians is devoted to delivering expert solutions to whatever is causing your AC fuses to blow. Our focus on quality helps us keep your home or business nice and cool when it’s blisteringly hot outside. We take care of small repairs as well as extensive upgrades. Our team is proud to offer outstanding service, as our many satisfied customers attest to. Get in touch with Blue Dot to schedule a service call with one of our well-trained HVAC technicians today!

Last Updated: April 11, 2024