Why Does My Air Conditioner Keep Turning Off?

December 17, 2023

There’s nothing more frustrating — you’ve switched on your home’s air conditioning expecting a break from the heat outside, but after just a few moments it shuts itself down again. It can feel like the weather is too much for even your HVAC system to stay active. But unlike human beings, your AC equipment shouldn’t succumb to laziness on hot, muggy days. More than likely, there’s a problem somewhere within your air conditioner that’s causing the issue. If you’re wondering, “Why does my air conditioner keep turning off?” read on to learn some of the most common reasons why and what you can do about them. Refrigerant Levels If you’re asking yourself, “Why does my air conditioner turn off by itself?” the answer could come down to the level of refrigerant. Leaks in your supply lines or in the cylinder can lead to the compressed refrigerant slowly escaping from your system. Once it drops below a specific level, you may notice warmer air coming from your vents or short-cycling. The latter refers to your AC switching off shortly after it activates, even if you haven’t reached your desired temperature. Electrical Faults Another frequent source of short-cycling in AC units is the electrical system. There’s a lot of wiring inside your air conditioner, and any loose connections, frayed wires or failing components can lead to your system shutting down when it shouldn’t. This can happen even if your AC doesn’t trip the breaker. If you suspect this might be the source of your trouble, don’t try to fix it yourself. Instead, leave that job to the professionals. Poking around when you don’t know exactly what you’re doing can be dangerous and even lethal. Compressor Problems Most of the work happening inside your AC unit is handled by the compressor. This means that any issues it might be experiencing could lead to big problems for your system. Because it’s sealed to prevent dust and dirt from getting inside of it, the average homeowner probably can’t  determine what might be wrong with the compressor. Some of the most common problems include faulty wiring, a blown fuse and a broken overload protector. Any of these could cause your air conditioner to turn itself off unexpectedly while in use. Frozen Coils The evaporator coil inside your air conditioning unit is what cools the warm air from inside your house. Unfortunately, it can become frozen if you have a clog in your air filter or other issues with the airflow inside your unit. Even when it’s hot outside, your coil can become uncased in ice. This means your unit will shut down when it’s not supposed to and eventually lead to other concerns. The best way to deal with this is to check your air conditioner every so often to ensure there are no blockages on the vents such as leaves or overgrown bushes. It’s also very important to keep your air filters clean, changing or cleaning them every month or two to prevent your system from becoming clogged.

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By now you should know that short-cycling could be a sign that there may be something wrong with your system, and in most cases it’s not something that you can or should try to fix yourself. The professionals at Blue Dot Services are fully trained and equipped to handle virtually all AC problems you may be experiencing, including an air conditioner that keeps shutting off before completing the job. They’ll be able to help you figure out why your AC keeps turning off by itself. HVAC systems are complex and require specialized knowledge to maintain or repair them effectively and safely. With our technicians providing air conditioning repair, you can rest assured they will diagnose and resolve any issues as quickly and thoroughly as possible. Not only will you and your family be able to enjoy being cool and comfortable inside your home, but you also can avoid inadvertently making the problem worse or putting yourself at risk. Reach out to us today to learn more about our services for air conditioners or to schedule your first appointment.

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