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Water Heater Repair & Installation in Baltimore

Is your water too hot, too cold or all over the floor? Call the experts at Blue Dot for same day service, or request a service appointment if you are experiencing any problems with your water heater.

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Water Heater Repair

How to tell if your hot water isn’t working effectively.

  • No hot water: If you don’t have any hot water, something is definitely wrong. Following the manufacturer’s re-set instructions might get your hot water heater running again. If this doesn’t work, give us a call and we will investigate.
  • Inadequate hot water: Over time, you may find that your hot water heater isn’t doing as good of a job as it used to. You may need a repair or tune-up, or it might be time to replace your unit.
  • Scalding hot water: Sometimes, water heaters can work too well! Generally, this is a problem that can be fixed with a little maintenance.
  • Rust colored water: There are various problems which could lead to rust-colored water coming from your faucet. We are able to diagnose and fix this problem for you.
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  • Rotten egg odor: A rotten egg-like odor coming from your heater could indicate a serious problem, such as a gas leak. Give us a call and we will pinpoint the problem for you.
  • Low rumbling or popping noise: Sounds coming from your hot water heater (such as a low rumbling noise) could indicate a buildup of sediment. We can clean this for you.
  • Higher pitched whining: A high pitched whining sound coming from your hot water heater could indicate a few different problems. We can diagnose it with our expertise and knowledge.
  • Water leaking around the base of heater: Water leaking indicates that part of the heater has been damaged. We can either fix or replace the water heater after a thorough inspection.

We specialize in all kinds of water heater repairs, including hot water heaters, electric water heaters, AO Smith water heaters and more.

When It’s Time to Purchase and Install a New Water Heater

When it comes to water heaters, the choice between repairing your existing unit or purchasing a new one will depend on many factors, such as the extent of the damage and the age of the water heater. We may find that your hot water heater has been damaged beyond repair, or that fixing the damage would be so expensive that you would be better off simply purchasing a new water heater. Don’t worry, we are not only experts in water heater repair, but also in water heater installation. We’ll be able to recommend a new water heater which suits your needs and your budget. We value customer service above all else, so we won’t try to upsell you a heater which you don’t need. Whenever we make a recommendation, we are doing so with your needs in mind.

Give Us a Call for All Your Heating Needs

If you are having issues with your heater, give us a call. We will quickly resolve your issue and have your heater back up and running in no time. We won’t leave you out in the cold.

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