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Safety checklist

Safety and Care Are Two Top Priorities at Blue Dot

At Blue Dot, we realize the action of choosing a contractor for your home is more than simply selecting a name from a service directory. You’re looking for a partner who will share your passion for unparalleled performance… one who will be here today, and more importantly, tomorrow. Our relationships are built on trust and mutual respect, whether we’re working with new homeowners, existing homeowners, or more.

For four decades, the Blue Dot name has been synonymous with superior service. Through our Customer Assurance and Review program, our customers are contacted to ensure their questions have been answered and they’re happy with their service. CARE Representatives act as liaisons between customers and the various divisions at Blue Dot, relaying pertinent information and finding solutions as soon as a situation or question arises. Service such as this is what sets Blue Dot apart from the rest.

Our Recordable Incident Rate (RIR) is well below OSHA industry standard

Blue Dot Services of Maryland could not uphold their stellar reputation without a commitment and dedication to high standards. All Blue Dot technicians are factory-trained and certified and must pass thorough reference checking and drug screening before coming on board. Ongoing, mandatory safety evaluations and training are part of the culture at Blue Dot, and it shows. The company’s Recordable Incident Rate (RIR) is currently well below the OSHA industry standard for Mechanical Contractors. This is remarkable, given the size and scope of Blue Dot’s service universe.