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Hard water creates many problems in your home, from water spots on your dishes, dry skin, and broken-down appliances. If you’re tired of dealing with these, contact Blue Dot of Maryland as soon as possible. We provide expert, reliable water softener repair and installation services for homeowners in Baltimore and the surrounding areas. Our water softener contractors can ensure that you have softened water so your daily routines will be smoother and more efficient.

Why Choose Water Softening?

Having hard water in your plumbing can make even simple chores more difficult. Some of the telltale signs of hard water in your home include chalky buildup on your faucets and soap scum on the walls of your shower. What is hard water, and how can water softening help?

Maryland is known for having hard water issues. According to USGS measures, the average water hardness is 118 parts per million (PPM).  The city of Baltimore has it worse, with 185 PPM. Even neighboring cities such as Annapolis (70 PPM) and Frederick (99 PPM) also experience challenges related to hard water.

Hard water contains higher-than-average amounts of minerals such as magnesium and calcium. The presence of these elements in your water supply can create severe problems for your home. These include limescale building up in your pipes and appliances, which can reduce their efficiency and lifespan. Stubborn residue on your dishes, glassware, and surfaces is another challenge and can make cleaning much more difficult.

Water softening is recommended to overcome these issues. Installing a water softener means effectively removing these minerals from your water supply, transforming hard water into soft water, and resolving many of the most common plumbing concerns. Not only does it remove limescale buildup, but it also helps soap lather more effectively, helping keep your skin and hair feeling smoother. You’ll also see fewer water spots on your dishes and extend the lifespan of your household appliances.

Our Water Softener Services

Blue Dot is dedicated to helping you improve your water quality and giving you access to all the benefits of water softening. Our water softener company is here for you whether you want to counteract the effects of hard water or improve the quality of your water overall.

Water Softener Installation: Our team of experts can install a top-quality water softener unit in your home so you can say goodbye to hard water problems. Our water softener installers closely examine your specific needs and recommend the right system for addressing them. We also provide seamless installation so you can enjoy the advantages as soon as possible.

Water Softener Repair: Call us if your current unit isn’t performing as well as it should be. Our water softener repair services will diagnose and resolve any issues with your system to ensure it operates at peak levels. We can handle any repairs precisely so you can return to your regular routines.

Water Softener Repair & Installation Company

Here at Blue Dot, your satisfaction is our goal. If you’re not satisfied with what we do for any reason within one year of your original invoice, we will make every effort to meet your expectations or cheerfully provide you with a 100% refund.*

Contact us today to schedule water softener repair or installation and experience the difference it can make. We serve the entire area, including Frederick, Glen Burnie, Rockville, and more.

*If, for any reason, within one (1) year of the date of the original invoice, you are dissatisfied with our work in your home, we’ll make every effort to meet your expectations, or remove your equipment (if applicable) and cheerfully refund 100% of your money.

*Sewer Repairs / Replacements and Drain Cabling are subject to their applicable warranty provided upon completion of the work.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the signs of a salt bridge in a water softener, and how is it resolved?

Any decrease in the effectiveness of your water softener or drop in water pressure may be caused by a salt bridge. This hard crust forms in your salt tank and prevents salt from dissolving. We can break through the salt bridge and return your unit to normal.

Why do mineral deposits accumulate on water softener resin beads, and how is this issue addressed?

The resin beads inside your water softener can become clogged with mineral deposits over time as your unit goes through numerous cycles, harming your system’s softening capacity and leading to increased levels of hard water. Having our water softener specialists clean or replace the beads will ensure your system continues functioning as efficiently as it should.

What is the role of the control valve in a water softener, and how do you fix problems with it?

One of the most critical elements of your water softener, the control valve, is responsible for its regeneration cycles. If it isn’t working properly, your system may not regenerate and cause hard water issues to return. Calling our skilled technicians for repairs is your best bet for restoring your system’s functionality.