Easy Ways to Celebrate Earth Day at Home

April 09, 2024

April 22 is Earth Day. It’s a day for appreciating Mother Earth and taking time to help preserve the planet. But what you might not know, is that many of these habits can start with you—right at home.

Not sure where to start? That’s where Blue Dot comes in! While we take great pride in being your top choice for air conditioning service each spring, we also know a thing or two about conservation. Let’s take it room-by-room and reveal how you can help promote a happier planet.

Earth Day Tips: An Action Plan for Homeowners

Here’s how you can conserve energy, water, electricity, and more this Earth Day.


  • Don’t let water continuously run while washing dishes. Instead, place the stopper in the bottom of the sink and fill it with warm water and soap. Then do your washing!
  • Have a dishwasher? You can conserve water here, too. Only run your dishwasher when it’s completely full. Also, try running it at nighttime when it is most energy efficient (this is typically off-peak hours for energy companies and the cost of running appliances can be a little cheaper).


  • Do you enjoy reading in bed before you fall asleep? Switch out those old candescent bulbs with energy-efficient LED bulbs. They will last longer and provide excellent light.
  • Before you hit the hay each night, lower the room’s temperature. According to Sleep Advisor, the optimal sleeping temperature is between 60 - 68 degrees Fahrenheit. Sleeping in a cooler room helps you fall asleep quicker, promotes better rest, enhances mood, saves on your energy bill, and more!

Family Room

  • You can save on energy efficiency and boost your indoor air quality when you invest in proper air filtration and change those filters every three months. If you don’t swap out those dirty filters for fresh ones, your system is going to run extra hard and cost you more money.
  • If you have kids, then you have electronics! If you have any old or unused electronics cluttering up the space in the family room, now is the perfect time to recycle them. Many local agencies will recycle these items for free. And this will save on natural resources and reduce pollution, too!


  • Is your home haunted by a leaky faucet? If your faucet is constantly dripping, you’re wasting water. The most likely culprits are worn out washers, loose O-rings, or simple corrosion. Switch out the washers or O-rings or call your local Blue Dot plumber for a quick fix.
  • If you use an electric toothbrush or shaver, unplug the charger once it’s fully charged. It might just help you save a little on your electric bill.

Bonus Tips for Conserving Energy This Earth Day

And don’t forget these extra ways to help protect your home—and the planet, too:

  • Insulate attics and basements
  • Schedule spring AC tune-up with Blue Dot
  • Invest in energy-efficient appliances when upgrading
  • Eliminate plastic bottle use by purchasing reusable water bottles
  • Use outdoor rain barrels to catch rain and water plants
  • Insulate windows or add weather stripping to doors

It’s AC Tune-Up Time!

As you celebrate Earth Day this April, remember that Blue Dot is here for all your needs, including that annual AC tune-up. From HVAC maintenance to water pressure issues, we’re available seven days a week to repair and maintain any home comfort issues you may have. Happy Spring!

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Last Updated: April 09, 2024