Celebrate National Comfort Month: Try Our Cool Comfy Ideas!

May 09, 2024

Is there anything better than hunkering down inside the comfort of your own home? We think not.

In today’s world, there are many ways to remain comfortable. But at Blue Dot, we think the most comfortable habits should start at home. After all, comfort is our livelihood. So, with May being National Comfort Month, we’re sharing 10 ways to wrap your home—and your family— in peace and comfort this spring.

Create a Happy Indoor Space

As homeowners, we do our best to make a house, a home. And while we all understand the importance of spring air conditioning tune-ups and fall heating checkups, there are other ways to make our favorite space inviting and special. Here are 10 great ideas for putting pure comfort into your home this spring.

1. Zone in on temperature control

Spring is in the air. It’s that time of year when we turn on the AC. If you have a smart thermostat, now is the right time to utilize all the functions it has to offer when you hit that switch. Since smart systems can learn your daily patterns, they’ll be able to schedule your indoor temperatures accordingly for when you’re away, sleeping, or at home. It’s the perfect way to engulf your home in pure comfort! Added tip: Don’t forget to turn ceiling fans counterclockwise in spring to help circulate air.

2. Sleep in a cool space

Along with maintaining a comfortable indoor temperature, it’s smart to sleep in a cool space at night. According to the National Sleep Foundation, the optimal sleeping temperature is between 60 – 67 degrees Fahrenheit. Added tip: You might also consider changing your sheets and blankets to accommodate each season.

3. Consider your window treatments

Did you know that your curtains can help with indoor temperatures? Black out curtains or heat resistant blinds can help block out the sun and keep your indoor space cooler. Added tip: If you’re shopping for new curtains, choose colorful and aesthetically pleasing colors and textures for an improved overall look.

4. Update your lighting

Nothing says comfort better than calm mood lighting. Lighting can set a great ambience for relaxation and comfort. Choose warm ambient lighting, dimmer switches, and switch out old lightbulbs for soft LED bulbs. Added tip: Hang soft colored string lights in dark corners to add more design and sparkle to your space.

5. Declutter your rooms

Clutter can lead to feelings of stress. Keep your home tidy and organized by decluttering regularly. Use bins and closet storage to keep things in place. Also, be sure that your return vents are not blocked by toys, boxes, or furniture. Added tip: Rearrange furniture if you need to, to allow for easy air flow.

6. Add some green stuff

Why not bring the outdoors inside? Invest in some houseplants and add some green to your favorite space. Plants are visually appealing and certain types can even act as natural home air purifiers! Even better, plants create tranquility and feelings of comfort. Added tip: Buy more than one!

7. Include soft textures

To keep your indoor space calm in the spring, add some plush, colorful throw pillows to the couch and choose thin blankets for the spring/summer season. Added tip: Update your throw rugs! Adding a splash of color will add style and personality.

8. Don’t forget about your pets

Don't forget that your best friends want to be comfortable, too! Provide cozy beds, toys, and scratching posts for your pets to ensure they feel comfortable too. Knowing they feel secure will help reduce your own stress. Added tip: Vacuum regularly if you have pets and it will improve your air quality.

9. Create fun, cozy seating areas

Feng shui much? Arranging your furniture in an inviting manner helps create a comfy vibe. Why not add a reading nook to your favorite room? Added tip: Incorporate a floor lamp, a comfy chair, a side table, and cozy pillows for that reading spot.

10. Smell good, feel good

For some real relaxation, try some aromatherapy! Calming scents like lavender and chamomile help set a soft mood. Invest in scented candles, essential oil diffusers, or soft room sprays to help promote relaxation and soothe your space. Added tip: Worried about candle safety? Switch out candles with wax warmers so you eliminate the flame.

Need Help Finding Comfort This Spring?

As you add special touches to your home this month (and celebrate National Comfort Month), remember that Blue Dot is here to help. From HVAC replacements, AC installation, indoor air quality upgrades, and more, we’re available seven days a week to put that extra comfort into your home.

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Last Updated: May 09, 2024