Air Conditioning & Heating System Check

December 17, 2023

Blue Dot performs yearly preventative maintenance to heat pumps, gas furnaces, and air handlers. Find out what happens during a routine maintenance and why its so important to have your HVAC units checked each year for safety, efficiency, and preventative measures.



Steve: I'm Steve Fertig and I'm here with Richard from Blue Dot who's checking my system out. You're doing a maintenance check today Rich?

Richard: Yeah, I'm doing your preventative maintenance check for the season, I'm just making sure everything is clean. I'm actually checking your blower motor right now just to make sure it doesn't prematurely fail.

Steve: Okay, first of all when you say you're doing a maintenance check for the season it's not just the season, it's how many times you finish?

Richard: You do it twice a year. You do it for the heating season, and you do it for the cooling season.

Steve: Makes sense. And when you do a maintenance check, what exactly are you doing? I see some kind of meter over there.

Richard: Yeah, right now I'm checking the amps on your motor just to make sure it's not overworking, basically. That way, we can tell if it's going to prematurely fail or not.

Steve: Okay. And if that happens, I'm in big trouble - right?

Richard: Yeah, so we try to catch stuff before it gets too hot or too cold. That way we're not coming out in the middle of the night to fix your unit.

Steve: Yeah, which I know you would do anyway, but I'd rather have my system functioning as an optimal level all the time and even if it means a repair, better off doing that now than paying a bigger price for a brand new system.

Richard: Absolutely. That, and the discomfort. You don't want to be sitting at home if it's too hot or too cold waiting for us to come out, so we try to take care of stuff as soon as we can. So, like I said, we do a 21-point inspection to make sure everything is nice and clean and operating the way it should be right now.

Steve: What else are you going to check then? Because I'm going to check the air filter. I mean, as a homeowner that's the thing I know how to do. But you come out and check a whole lot more.

Richard: Yes. We also check the air filter, but we also make sure the drain line is clean. Make sure the coolers are clean that way. The air flow throughout your home is nice and clean, so you're not breathing in all kinds of dust, and dirt, and bacteria. We make sure all electrical connections are tight, that way it's nice and safe to operate. And we just make sure things run flawlessly so you don't have any trouble.

Steve: When we think of a maintenance check then, what you're telling me is this is more than just about your comfort. It's about your overall health too.

Richard: Absolutely. You spend a lot of time in your home, so we make sure it's nice and safe and clean for you.

Steve: Yeah, and even though this is a new system - I know that the old system not getting that checked on a maintenance basis got me in trouble and required me to get a new system. But even with a new system, I shouldn't sit back and relax. I can relax because you're going to do the work, but I don't want to be too confident that I don't need maintenance checks.

Richard: yeah, a lot of times it's overlooked so we just try to take care of it. Like I said, twice a year that way we don't have any trouble on the hottest days or the coldest days.

Steve: And I want to protect that new investment. Make sure it stays running well even though it's a new system.

Steve: (talking to the audience) - If you've got a new system, you may think again you may not need the maintenance checks, but you'll want to take care of that. All you'll want to do is call Blue Dot at to make sure your system is working properly all the time.

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