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Indoor Air Quality & Air Duct Cleaning Baltimore, Columbia & Annapolis MD

Supported by Comfort Institute, Blue Dot Services of Maryland “go beyond the box” to diagnose and solve indoor air quality and comfort problems with our home energy audit service. We have invested in the training and diagnostic instruments needed, to become specialists in air distribution system, thermal envelope and air duct cleaning in Baltimore, Columbia and Annapolis, MD and understand that “The House Is An Interactive System.”

Blue Dot can solve comfort problems other contractors can't. Our professional team knows:

• How to make hot and cold spots, such as rooms over garages and second floor bedrooms, more comfortable and less drafty
• How to control humidity year round
• Why new filters and air duct cleaning in Baltimore often don't reduce visible dust and what needs to be done to resolve it
• How to diagnose and solve carbon monoxide and back-drafting issues
• How to put the V (ventilation) back into residential HVAC
• How to properly size and install new high efficiency equipment so that it operates at the rated performance
• How to solve pre-existing duct and thermal envelope problems
• How to ensure new equipment actually saves money on utility bills

In short, Blue Dot Services of Maryland has evolved into Total Comfort Contractors, providing a powerful Unique Competitive Advantage over 99% of the contractors in the industry.

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